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Bandana Films

Bandana Films, LLC is a producer of premium content for online, broadcast, mobile, and film. Our specialty is video storytelling, and our team of award-winning journalists and filmmakers create amazing work every day for a broad variety of clients. Our mission is to create powerful, compelling content and whenever possible, use that content to improve the human condition.

Over the past six years, the Bandana creative team has produced more than 900 videos in dozens of different styles and genres, from full-length documentaries and short films to corporate profiles and music videos. Our team is highly experienced shooting in every imaginable situation, and in every location. Whether it’s filming wild horses running through Dallas’ Trinity River bottom or sampans floating in Hong Kong Harbor, our team has the expertise to capture the subject and use those images to tell an absorbing story. And because we retain rights to the footage we shoot, each day we continue to build a valuable library of stock video. This allows us to be efficient and offer great value to our clients.

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